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Phosphate rock is an important chemical mineral raw materials. Part of the phosphate rock is used for making pure phosphorus (yellow phosphorus, red phosphorus) and chemical raw materials, a small amount used as animal feed.

Red phosphorus used in the manufacture of matches and phosphide. Yellow phosphorus to be toxic to pesticides, can also be Molotov cocktails, tracer, flares, smoke bombs, ignition agent; Phosphorus and boron, indium and gallium phosphide used in the semiconductor industry. In the metallurgical industry for refining phosphor bronze, phosphorus cast iron, cast iron, etc. Silicon zirconium phosphate, the titanium phosphate, phosphoric acid and so on can make coating, paint, adhesive, ion exchanger and adsorbent, etc. Sodium phosphate, disodium hydrogen phosphate is used to purify water boiler.

Six poly (sodium phosphate as a water softener and metal preservatives, bona used for animal feed additives, phosphorus derivatives used in medicine. Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate adhesive materials with high refractoriness, good impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, electrical properties, used in cutting-edge technology.

Fluorapatite crystals is the most ideal material of laser emission, phosphate laser glass has been applied. China's phosphate rock phosphate (71%) in the consumption structure, yellow phosphorus (7%), phosphate 6%, phosphide (16%). The production of phosphate fertilizer on crops plays an important role.

Depending on the production of phosphate rock phosphate fertilizer mainly for deoxidization calcium superphosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and heavy calcium superphosphate, ammonium phosphate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate and efficient compound fertilizer.