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 Urea Phosphate(UP)
 Alias: urea phosphate
 CAS No. :4861-19-2
 Molecular formula: CH4N2O · H3PO4
 Molecular weight : 158.05
Physical character: Colorless clarity prism crystallization. Melting point 117.3. It dissolves in water, its aqueous solution is acidity;do not dissolve in ether, toluene,tetrachloride.
 Uses: excellent feed additive for livestock It can be made flame retardant, metal surface treatment agents, cleaning agents and additives with purifying phosphoric acid
Quality standard (reference standard)
Specifications Industrial Grade Food Grade
Main contents(as H3PO4 .CO(NH2 )2 ) min% 98.00 98.00
Phosphorus pentoxide(as P2O 5 ) min% 44.00 44.00
Nitrogen(as N)                  min% 17.00 17.00
PH 1.6-2.4 1.6-2.4
Moisture                      max% 0.20 0.20
Heavy metals(as Pb)           max%   0.001
Arsenic(as As)                 max%   0.0003
Fluoride(as F)                  max%   0.003
Water insoluble                 max% 0.10 0.10